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Anyone who spends just a few minutes on social media knows the pressure of perfection that so easily makes itself known. It tells you to do more and to be more and weโ€™ve had enough.

We are The Imperfect Boss and we are on a mission to liberate thousands of creative women from perfect.

And you're invited. 


Women everywhere are coming together to crash social media with confessions of what it really means to be a creative boss online.

The honest, the real and the totally unfiltered.

Are you in, too?  


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Hey you! First off, you're amazing. Never forget it.

I am so excited to see thousands of us come together once again to shatter that myth of perfection and reveal what it really looks to run a business in our next campaign. It will be electric.

From that place, I am going to teach you how to create a business that doesn't just look good, but that lights you up too.

The world is waiting. So, I hope you'll jump all-in with us.

xo Ash

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