hey you, we see your awesome.


We believe it is not being flawless that makes you powerful, it is one hundred percent of you brought into one hundred percent of your work that makes you unstoppable.

So, we pull back the curtains on what it really looks like to be your own boss and inspire women to build brave businesses that light them up.

What's the point? So glad you asked! 

To empower you to get free from perfect so that you can do your thing that you feel called to vulnerably and wholeheartedly.

To create a community of women who can find the safety to be who they are in one another and discover just how magical that is. (And more addicting than Netflix).

To help you build a business and life that lights you up from the inside out no matter how perfect or imperfect that looks. 

And how do we make that happen?

Through viral social media campaigns, live events, inspirational products and sisterhood community, we’re inviting you to join our crew of wild-hearted women.

Be liberated from the pressure of perfect.

Become The Imperfect Boss.

oh by the way.. 

We go heart eyes for women doing what makes them come alive because that’s world changing. Join our crew and you’ll not only become more aware of the beauty of who you are, but you’ll find the confidence to bring it at a moment’s notice. Because that stuff you’re carrying on the inside? More powerful than Beyonce, Oprah and Brene Brown together. 

who's the girl behind it all? meet ashley.



Ashley is a heart encourager, speaker and mentor to creative women. She started The Imperfect Boss out of a vision to liberate thousands of women from perfect and help them build businesses that light them up instead. She also works with women one on one to help them create movements of their very own.

When she's not out there loving, inspiring and leading women, she's likely writing some good words, going heart eyes over bright colors or dreaming up big ideas. After spending time with her, you will feel believed in and empowered to give, to love and to lead wholeheartedly.

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