ashley's story

I remember scrolling on Instagram one day seeing many perfectly curated images in a row and thinking, “this is not real and this can’t be our standard."


Because I knew something had to be done, I started this social media movement to normalize imperfect for creative women.


All my life, I felt I had to be perfect.

I hid behind it like it was a the thing that would keep me safe. But to do that, I had to cover up all the flawed parts and live in pursuit of constant affection and adoration. When I got into business, my story was no different.

I became a woman deeply aware of my own imperfections while being surrounded by the curated perfections of everyone else and it almost took my creative breath right out of me.


I decided that I had to make some noise. Not just for me, but for all women everywhere.


Being a creative boss isn’t perfect. It is wild, it is hard, it is glamourous, it is crazy and it is amazing. It is equal parts messy and masterpiece all in one.


So, I am here to set a different culture and tell you that you can be exactly who you are right where you are.

Be imperfect, be human, and be magnificent.

The world needs what you have. But, perfection will only keep your power inside.

So, be liberated and be brave.

Ya ready, girl?

Let's go.