Let's Talk About The Imperfect Boss Camp 2018

Just a few weeks ago, we ran our first-ever camp experience where over eighty women gathered in the middle of the woods to do real community, open up their hearts and grow their confidence.

We’re going to give you a glimpse into some of the biggest pieces of the event, so that you can meet some of the incredible people involved and get encouraged that you absolutely need to be there next year. Because you do.

Now listen up, we aren’t spilling all our secrets because camp has to be experienced and we like to keep you a little outside your comfort zone and ready for some serious delight.

The Culture.

We are so passionate about culture and going into this camp, we wanted the culture to be marked by connection, encouragement, bravery and fun. We brought that intentionally into the atmosphere, the schedule and even the details like an awards ceremony and a camp bucket list.


The Decor.

We had the amazing Capital Florist and Wild Ivy Studios bring some serious decor game. They seriously transformed the camp space into something beautiful. Avi Scribbles and Kercia Jane brought the words with their lettering gifts.

By-Melissa-Claire-IB-Camp-Oct2018-2052 (1).jpg

The Inspirational Rallies.

Our amazing speakers took the stage and inspired us big time. We had Minaa B, Caroline Zook, Carrie Grace, LaShonda Brown, and Hannah Brencher inspire us in the areas of confidence, self-care, risk-taking, being present and doing the damn thing. Ashley (hey - that’s me!) opened and closed the rallies speaking into hearts like she was born to do. On top of that, we also had Jana from Rebel inspire us and Caroline and Danielle do live paintings to capture what was happening in the room.  

By-Melissa-Claire-IB-Camp-Oct2018-2084 (1).jpg
IB-Camp-Oct2018-2757 (1).jpg

The Workshops.

Over the span of the four days, we had different workshops in the areas of creativity, personal growth and intentional business education taught by leaders and campers alike.

Women got to learn things like painting, dance and hand-lettering. They got to dive into education like online courses with Podia, Pinterest with Tailwind and websites with Simply Elaborate. They also got to have some inner growth moments in workshops such as journalling and boundaries with social media.


The Mentor Groups.

Every camper was assigned a mentor and they met in their mentor groups every day. So much transformation happened in these groups as women shared with open hearts and incredible vulnerability. They were able to be seen and known up close both in their imperfections and in their greatness.

Our mentors included the incredible Amber Robinson, Lauren Frontiera, Kayla Hollatz, Laylee Emadi, Bonnie Bahktiari, Sarajane Case, Brianne Wik, and Lindsey Eryn.


The Swag.

What’s an event without some incredible gifts? We partnered with some incredible sponsors to provide gifts for our team and campers. We’ve listed them, so you can stalk em’ like woah.

Podia / Rebel / Tailwind / Go Live HQ / Lulu / May Designs / Headbands for Hope / Cultivate What Matters / Moo / Kate George / Sticker Mule / Ink Letter Love / Hello Function / Full Heart Co / Batterup Bakery / Three Farmers / Little Words Project / Printed Mint / Well Told Health / Oily Home Companion / Hey Sugar / Wildflower Vintage / Tish Jewelry


The Impact.

After camp, we received SO many stories of how women’s lives were changed at camp. So needless to say, mission accomplished. Hear it up close and personal from a couple of them themselves.

The Imperfect Boss Camp changed my life. It reminded me of my worth and what kind of person I want to be in the world. I walked away with friendships that I know will be with me for a lifetime and a belief in my worth that has already impacted every aspect of my life and business.

Sarajane Case

Before camp I was afraid to speak up and say my truth due to a high level of insecurity + anxiety. After camp I have learned to embrace these qualities and use them to my advantage to be unapologetically me.

Katrina Streisguth

The Imperfect Boss Camp is a magical experience. You’ll be affected in soulful ways that take a bit to process because it’s anything but surface level. You’ll meet incredible women with incredible hearts who are doing incredible things in the world. You’ll go outside your comfort zone and find a home there. You’ll be inspired. You’ll be uplifted. You’ll be changed.

Allison Burns


One last thing! We also want to give a huge shout-out to Lisa Kelly, Charuk Studios, and Melissa Claire who captured the event in photography and film including the photos in this post. We also had the incredible team at Starnes & Co who led operations and logistics during the event and slayed the game. And last but not least, Futurpreneur and Showit sent campers and changed a couple lives.

We are so excited for Camp 2019! We hope we will see your beautiful self there.

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Heart Rallies Ottawa: The Magical Details



Last week, forty-five women descended upon Third Floor York for our very first Heart Rallies event. It was all the feels hosting our first event and we were over-the-moon to not only be sold out but to host so many amazing powerhouse women. 

The event started by welcoming everyone in, providing the most amazing donuts and lemonade and making sure that in every detail and in the very atmosphere, that there was such a spirit of fun, confidence, and possibility. 




I, Ashley Beaudin, gave a talk about being a confident woman. Touching on the importance of connecting with your own heart, embracing your imperfection, knowing who you are and owning your unique impact. Some of the quotables that came out of that talk were ones like: 

“Sure, it has been done a million times, but it hasn’t been done by me and the world ain't ready." 

"Make a decision to commit to your gifts and see them all come out into the world." 

"Your presence matters. You make a difference everytime you choose to show up."

"If you don't know who you are, every time you experience something difficult, it will highjack your identity. Know the truth of who you are so that no matter what happens, you'll have the courage to keep going." 




I prompted everyone to stand up and shake off their self-doubts and leave them in the room and not pick them up to take them home with them again. After that, I facilitated prompts and got us to share with one another the answers to the questions of where we are imperfect and what we love about ourselves. Then, we gave at least one compliment to another woman in the room. 




In the remaining time, there was the energy of connection, vulnerability, and positivity in the room. We had a ton of fun and were a little drunk on sugar and can't wait for the next time we get to be with imperfect bosses in person again! 




Dying to experience one of our events? Get your butt to camp and spend four days with us. Transformation is inevitable. Fun is guaranteed.


Huge thanks to: 

Photos: Photography by Emma

Venue: Third Floor York

Donuts: Doughbaby Donuts

Styling: The Gathering Event Company

Money, Shame & Being a Creative


There is a story that is rarely seen on social and it is not the one that we tell between the syllables of what we do and why we started.  But, it is a story that we have gotten into bed with and wrestled with like fighters in the ring. 

It is the story of how to make money doing your creative work.

What happens when that isn’t easy, when that feels like a fight and when you stare at your bank account at the end of the day and see more red than you ever do black. 

Because in the midst of all this talk about six figures, leaving corporate jobs, and retiring spouses, there are some of us who are drowning in this sense of failure - that we must be doing something wrong, and that we are, in fact, something wrong. 

Now time-out, I am not saying that wealth is bad. Actually, it is really, really good and I champion creative women into abundance every change I get.

But, I believe that when we don’t give space and voice to the seasons of life that are hard and left lacking, we isolate from one another. And I believe that isolation will dampen the fire of inspiration in a creative faster than anything else.

Because when we feel alone, we feel vulnerable. When we feel alone, we think we are missing something within. When we feel alone, we bend under the cloak of shame that make ourselves smaller than we were ever born to be. 

So, we need to come out and say it, that in our legacies and trailing on behind these stories of success are not just what you see with the naked eye. 

That beyond what you see, we are the people who have stayed up at night making it happen over coffee and fiery dreams. We are the ones who have prayed for a miracle over ramen noddles and bottomless glasses of water. We are the ones who have swung between hustle and belief and rest like Tarzan in a humid jungle. 

What we are saying is that financial perfection is not normal. If that’s what you’ve been sold, you’re eating a poison that will unravel your dreams, and make you jaded. 

Because the truth is that it is not normal to make thousands on your first launch. It is not normal to be completely free of all fear when it comes to money. It is not normal to run into the arena and say, “i’m here!” and suddenly be given every dream you’ve ever wanted on that rose gold platter.

What is normal is a journey that swirls around and goes up and down from the minute you say yes. What is normal is success and failure, abundance and loss, and confidence and fear. 

And we say this because the shame of you thinking you’re not where you need to be or that you are a failure in and of yourself will destroy you faster than not having the money ever could. 

Listen, I know that when the money isn’t there, everything else feels insecure. I know that selling yourself can feel like this rocky game of show-and-tell. I know that turning your most beautiful creative work into profit can cause the smallest of fears to rise in you like pasta in boiling water.

And so, let’s quit the smoke shows and let’s talk about it. 

Because you’re not the only one. Even if that person you look up to is killing it and rolling in cash over there, they didn’t start there and they weren’t born there. Don’t let the appearance of their now convince you that it’s always been. 

Don’t allow the stress of not having money to take you out of the game. Don’t allow the comparison to convince you that you simply don’t have what it takes. Don’t allow the fact that no one is talking about the hard parts of money and creativity to nudge you that shouldn’t either. 

We are creative people learning to unleash our work into the world and make a living at the same time. We are wired for abundance, but we were never meant to be shamed into pretending we have it. 

So, yes, do your work and make the money. Make lots of it or make a little of it. Talk about when you succeed, but also talk about when you can’t afford rent. Show us the best and show us the worst. Because the more we can make the imperfect normal, the more free we all get. 

And, whatever you do, never surrender your gifts, because you’re afraid that you just won’t be able to make it happen.

If anything, surrender your trust, that if you do the work, it will always happen. Ready or not.