5 Ways to Grow Your Confidence That Actually Work


Confidence is about ownership.

It’s about being able to show up to your daily life and in any situation you face and own who you are completely. In fact, you’ll never actually be able to own what you do with confidence until you own who are with confidence as a human being.

Growing confidence is a practice. It’s not an overnight miracle, but it is daily practice. And like any practice, the more you give to it, the more it grows.

Today, we’re diving into five ways you can grow your confidence that actually work. This ain’t fluffy ideas, but this will give you true results when you implement them.

#1: Get to Know Who You Are.

Take the time to really get to know yourself like you would a friend. Grow the practice of self-awareness by noticing. Notice what you love. Notice what makes you feel alive. Notice what hurts your heart. It doesn’t even have to be anything complicated, simply notice with kindness.

In this culture we live in, we are so overwhelmed by noticing others and noticing their lives, that we can lose ourselves in the process. It is incredibly hard to be confident if you don’t even know who you are. So, shift that and get to know yourself.

#2: Celebrate Your Growth.

If you’re on this blog post, I know you’re a woman who is hungry to grow. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Celebrate every bit of growth that happens in your life and work. If your celebration of your own growth doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable, you’re not celebrating hard enough.

By showing up to celebrate yourself for the work you put in, for how you show up, for your progress, you are creating an atmosphere where it’s easy to be confident because you’ve acknowledged yourself.

#3: Take Care of Yourself.

True confidence is built upon the practice of self-care. When you take the time and space to show yourself that you’re worthy of love and care, you’re investing into your confidence. How can you be confident if you’re neglecting your own well-being? How can you be confident if you don’t care for yourself on the hard days? You simply can’t.

Every time you practice self-care, whether it’s paying your bills, having a bath or looking yourself in the mirror and whispering a truth, you are growing your confidence.

#4: Give Yourself a New Experience.

One of the main reasons why we get stuck in cycles of insecurity is because we keep having the same experiences and hoping we’ll get a different belief. You see whatever we believe, our brain will work super hard to find evidence for those beliefs. That’s why it feels like we keep having the same experiences.

So, if you can give yourself a new experience, you’ll be able to move your beliefs, and then your brain will find new evidence to support the new beliefs. New beliefs are hard to form without experience which is why this works so amazing. So, for example, if you have an insecurity around ‘people don’t like you’ then ask five people out for coffee with the curiosity of, “what if I was easy to love?”

And when those people say yes and you get together with them and you have a new experience? Magic.

#5: Change the Way You Speak to Yourself.

You’ll never be able to grow confidence truly if you trash yourself in private in your mind. You have got to develop a language of compassion for yourself. The true test of how you REALLY speak to yourself is found not when you are having a great day, but when it’s a really hard one. How do you talk to yourself on those days? That’ll give you a great picture of your inner language.

To start changing the way you speak to yourself, pick one phrase that’s dripping in kindness such as:

  • You are amazing.

  • You are so loved.

  • You are doing so good.

And start repeating that phrase, interrupting the harsh words, as soon as you can.

Confidence is necessary if you want to feel fully alive and give the world all you got.

And my friend, that is exactly what I want for you. So, let’s get to it, yea?