Heart Rallies Ottawa: The Magical Details



Last week, forty-five women descended upon Third Floor York for our very first Heart Rallies event. It was all the feels hosting our first event and we were over-the-moon to not only be sold out but to host so many amazing powerhouse women. 

The event started by welcoming everyone in, providing the most amazing donuts and lemonade and making sure that in every detail and in the very atmosphere, that there was such a spirit of fun, confidence, and possibility. 




I, Ashley Beaudin, gave a talk about being a confident woman. Touching on the importance of connecting with your own heart, embracing your imperfection, knowing who you are and owning your unique impact. Some of the quotables that came out of that talk were ones like: 

“Sure, it has been done a million times, but it hasn’t been done by me and the world ain't ready." 

"Make a decision to commit to your gifts and see them all come out into the world." 

"Your presence matters. You make a difference everytime you choose to show up."

"If you don't know who you are, every time you experience something difficult, it will highjack your identity. Know the truth of who you are so that no matter what happens, you'll have the courage to keep going." 




I prompted everyone to stand up and shake off their self-doubts and leave them in the room and not pick them up to take them home with them again. After that, I facilitated prompts and got us to share with one another the answers to the questions of where we are imperfect and what we love about ourselves. Then, we gave at least one compliment to another woman in the room. 




In the remaining time, there was the energy of connection, vulnerability, and positivity in the room. We had a ton of fun and were a little drunk on sugar and can't wait for the next time we get to be with imperfect bosses in person again! 




Dying to experience one of our events? Get your butt to camp and spend four days with us. Transformation is inevitable. Fun is guaranteed.


Huge thanks to: 

Photos: Photography by Emma

Venue: Third Floor York

Donuts: Doughbaby Donuts

Styling: The Gathering Event Company

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