12 Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

12 Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season - The Imperfect Boss

Let’s talk about the holidays. Because on one hand, it’s such an exciting time of year, the atmosphere is sort of erupting with cheer, possibility and generosity. But the other side of that, maybe the side we don’t always see or talk about, is the difficulty of the season.

For some, it may just be the financial stress. For others, it can be the loneliness. For some, it can be the grief or pain that come up with family. For others, it can be the crazy sense of busy. Whatever it might be, we’re all touched by it in one way or another. Some a little and some a lot.

So this holiday season, we want to give you tips to thrive. Take one or take five and implement them and watch how it impacts your December and January.

Decide what you want your season to be about.

Before anything happens, you get to decide what you want this season to be about for you. Do you want it to be about spending time with the people you really love? Do you want it to be about looking for the miracles in your every-day and embracing the still moments? Do you want it to be about giving generously everywhere you go? You decide.

Set boundaries.

Remember that the most powerful person in every situation you face is you. It is both your responsibility and opportunity to communicate those boundaries to the people around you by the way that you act and by speaking to it.

Practice self-care.

Keep up your self-care routines that you normally do, but also add in a few extra thangs. Think of a couple self-care tasks that take five-minutes or that you can do while you’re doing other things, so that you can just sprinkle them in and fill your cup up.

Celebrate this past year.

Look back at this past year, and celebrate yourself for all the amazing things you’ve done. Not just in productivity and achievement, but all the ways you’ve grown, mindsets you’ve shifted, people you’ve met, fears you’ve faced and love you’ve given out.

Plan ahead.

Plan ahead not just in terms of schedule or commitments or buying gifts or whatever, but make a plan for yourself on how you will thrive this holiday season. Go in with purpose, don’t leave it up to chance, so that you can really delight in and grow in this season.

Savour the small moments.

Look for the gifts! Because they’re in every single day. Hunt for them like treasure all throughout the holidays. And when you find them, feel them. Savour them. Let them be a gift to you.


I mean, it’s really that easy. Take deep breaths and let them be. Breathe big, breathe deep and remember you’re beautifully alive.

Pick your people.

Know who your people are! The encouragers, the ones that make you feel safe or alive. Spend lots of time with those people. Have them in your corner. Know who they are at family functions if family is a difficult thing for you.

Don’t over-do it.

There’s something about this season that seems to invite over-doing either through over-spending, over-eating, or over-packing our schedules. Keep yourself anchored in simplicity and remember that you can be here without having to over-do it.

Be realistic, but hopeful.

Sometimes there’s this thing that happens where we look on social media and just through media in general, and we have this expectation of perfection. Then, we try and apply that to our own situations. Sometimes that can cause more pain than it needs to. So, we stay realistic but hopeful. We expect what’s real, but we hope for the best.

Leave 2018 in 2018.

Just do it. Don’t take the bad with you into the new year. Let it go and let it be.

Choose compassion.

Have compassion with yourself and with others. Let the shame and guilt fall away. And see each person you meet, whether they be a stranger or a close family member, with deep compassion.

You can thrive this holiday season in every single way. You can. So, which tip will you implement first?


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