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You're a woman on a mission. Somewhere within, you know that who you are and the gifts that you have exist to make the world more



We see you and we think you are crazy phenomenal. We believe that if you actually saw how amazing you are and how much power you hold inside, you probably wouldn't believe it. But, let us tell you anyway.

You could actually change the world. You could actually solve injustice. You could actually transform thousands of lives. You could actually make humans think differently.  You could actually heal people.

And not only could you, but we need you to.

We see you sitting over there, making lists, visualizing dreams, encouraging people, posting on social, processing in your journal, taking brave action, and making it all happen. You are a passionate, soft-hearted, imperfect, in-this-for-impact kinda woman. And we know that not only can you have success, but you can do life and work in such a way that it is real, confident and a thousand percent you.



But let's talk for a hot-second about how it actually feels.

How sometimes you feel more insecure than you do confident, more alone than you do connected and more lost than you do alive. 

We know that sometimes when you scroll social media, the pressure to be perfect is absolutely overwhelming. We know that sometimes your self-doubts are louder than your strengths ever sound. We know that sometimes you wonder if you're the only one not having six-figure launches and drinking champagne with a mastermind in an exotic country. We know that sometimes it can feel like there are a million mountains in front of you keeping you from your greatness. 

We know because we've been there. We know because sometimes we're still there.



And that's exactly why it's time to gather face-to-face, heart-to-heart, dance-off-to-dance-off.

You are invited to The Imperfect Boss Camp. YEA, YOU.

From October 9th to 12th 2018, we are calling for one hundred creative women to join us for four days in Haliburton, Ontario. We are a curated experience designed to help you shift your mindset, grow your confidence, find your people and get intentional strategy for your amazing business.

Our first two days will be dedicated to diving deep, clearing through self-doubts and shifting your mindsets, so that you feel your confidence grow. The second two days will be dedicated to diving deep into community, creativity, and practical strategy you can apply to your business and life right away to see success + impact.




We are an all-inclusive experience and we want to tell you all about it. Because I mean, we're squealing inside.


But first, you need to know four things.

1. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where imperfect is normal.

2. We celebrate the greatness in one another relentlessly.

3. We believe in personal transformation first, then powerful and intentional action.

4. We encourage bravery, vulnerability, playfulness and introspection always.




Here's what the week holds.




At least once a day, we'll gather for an inspirational rally where you'll hear from speakers and be empowered to open your heart, be imperfect, grow your confidence and show us what you got. These sessions will prove to be electric, fire-starting, eye-opening and may just make you want to get on your chair and start shouting. I mean, really.  



When you register for the camp, you'll be assigned into a mentor group with ten other incredible women. Our mentors are some of the most supportive, life-giving, and encouraging women we know. You'll have daily meets with them where you'll get to dive into real, honest conversation about what it means to be a boss, a creative and a woman in our time.  



These workshops will have a focus on creativity, personal growth and business education. We're talking things like painting, dance, journalling, meditation, social media, online courses and branding. Workshops are taught by guest teachers, mentors, speakers and our amazing camp team! If workshops aren't your style, there will also time for you to dig into some of the activities that camp offers like canoeing and kayaking! 



We are all about having a blast. Because why else would you gather with one hundred amazing women in the middle of nowhere? In the evenings, we'll have things like bonfires, dance parties, concerts, and awards shows. Get those dancing shoes on, babycakes. 


Here's a sample of our schedule. 

this is tentative and could change



Leisure /  Workshops

Bunk Meeting


Inspirational Rally

Wine + Soul Convos




Inspirational Rally




Workshops will be a mix of creative, personal development and business education depending on the day.



Meet The People 

Okay, we know this is what you all came to the website for.


Meet the Speakers.


Meet the Mentors.



Meet the Campers.

click on their photos to go to their Instagrams! 



The Imperfect Boss Camp is being held on Lake of Two Islands, a secluded, spring-fed lake, surrounded by 1,100 acres of hardwood forest in the Haliburton Highlands called Camp Timberlane. Yea, y'all! It is a real summer camp. We're trading stuffy conference centres for the wild outdoors where we can actually breathe and open our hearts. Imagine watching the sunset with a new friend, letting go of your fears staring at the stars, or canoeing to process your newest idea. Pretty amazing, yea? 

You'll be sleeping in cabins on a bunk of your very own (bottom bunk forever, anybody?) equipped with electricity. Each cabin has room for 8‐16 (in bunks) in the main room and an additional 4 (bunks) beds in a smaller, adjacent room. Each cabin has its own bathroom and there are designated showers buildings nearby, for men and women. 



how you get there

For four days, we will be your home. No matter where you live, you can get here and it'll be one-hundred-percent worth the distance. We have speakers and mentors coming from all across North America and are expecting women to
arrive from all over the world. 



Our camp is two hours from Toronto and three hours from Ottawa. If you live in vicinity, car-pool with friends and make your way to us! 



Fly into Pearson Toronto International Airport and rent a car with your friends or grab a seat on our bus to get to camp! 



Closer to, you will have an opportunity to purchase a seat on our bus from Toronto and start making friends right away. I mean, amazing, right? 


the schedule

Registration is from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on Tuesday October 9th! You'll settle in and we'll all have dinner together at 6:30pm! The next three days will be full of inspiration, fun, personal growth and business education. You'll depart camp between 2:00pm to 3:00pm on the 12th. And then we'll all cry because we'll miss each other so much.
And all the feelers said...amen.


What You'll be Eating

We mean, food is important, right? We serve three meals per day, as well as amazing snacks and drinks available whenever you need them. We work with the camp staff to create options that are healthy, balanced and totally delicious. We can accomodate vegetarian, lactose free and other special dietary needs. #noexcusefornotcoming 



Now, let's go over all that is included. 



three nights of accomodations


all meals and snacks galore! 


inspiring keynote rallies 


intimate mentor groups 


amazing workshops to learn + grow


evening fun like live music and dancing 


workbook and other goodies 


access to camp activities 


swag bag from sponsors 


Facebook group to connect in! 


option to take the camp bus 


limitless fun, inspiration + growth 


So, how much does it cost? 

Our tickets are all-inclusive including accommodations, meals, all camp activities and random surprises.


$1000 CANADIAN / $800 AMERICAN / $658 EURO



You'll be emailed about them shortly after you register. They are also optional. They are ways to support you in coming to camp. 


Need a payment plan? Email and let's see how we can help.



PS. Want some proof in the pudding that we're really this awesome and life-changing? 


The invitation has been made.

Sweet friend, are you ready to shift your mindsets and change how you see yourself? Are you ready to be surrounded by people who actually get it and are willing to get real? Are you ready to grow your confidence, so that the world can be changed by your gifts? Are you ready to get intentional strategy that you can apply to your life and business right away?

We're ready for you.

In fact, we can't wait to hug you and tell you how amazing we think you are.



You got questions. We got answers.


+ When does camp start?

Camp gates open at 3:00 pm on October 9th and registration runs until 6:00 pm.

+ What airport should I fly into?

You will fly into Toronto Pearson International Airport! You can either rent a car, carpool with friends or take our camp bus from there. More information on the bus will soon be released. We do suggest that you either land the night before or early the morning of the 9th.

+ When does camp end?

Camp comes to a close at 1:30 pm on October 12th.

+ Can I arrive late or leave early?

The camp is set-up so that you arrive during registration and leave after closing. If there is a unique situation, we'll see if we can accomodate!

+ Is transporation included?

No, it's not. You'll need to find your way to camp in terms of flying and driving, but you will have the option to purchase a seat on our camp bus from Toronto.

+ Is there an age requirement for the camp?

Yes! 19+.

+ Is bedding provided?

We'll send you a packing list closer to camp! You will need to bring your own bedding such as a gorgeous sleeping bag! If you're travelling from far, we have options to work together to provide bedding for you on site. Details will be coming soon.

+ Can I bring technology?

You can, but there will be spots of the camp, that are technology-free. And, we highly recommend you to go as unplugged as possible.

+ Can I request specific bunkmates or mentors?

You can! There is a spot for that in your registration form and we'll do our best!

+ Can I teach a workshop?

We'll have specific opportunities such as teaching workshops open to those who have registered and who want to get more involved! So, register and watch your email.

+ What about emergencies?

We have a camp phone, internet available and access to email for staff and emergency needs. We will also have medical assistance on hand.

+ Are there refunds or transfer of tickets?

There are no refunds, but you can absolutely transfer your tickets!

+ What are the accomodations like?

You'll be sleeping in cabins on a bunk of your very own (bottom bunk forever, anybody?) equipped with electricity. Each cabin has room for 8‐16 (in bunks) in the main room and an additional 4 (bunks) beds in a smaller, adjacent room. Each cabin has its own bathroom and there are designated showers buildings nearby, for men and women.

+ Will there be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy specific food options?

Of course! You can indicate this in your registration when you purchase your ticket.





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