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We hoped you loved following along with us during the live portion of our first ever online summit.


recordings & resources foreva'!?

Scroll down to catch replays from our awesome lineup of speakers - you'll have these recordings foreva'. Don't forget to grab the zip file with all of our speakers resources, which is at the bottom of the page!



Check Out Our Amazing Speakers From Day One:


A Guided Meditation for Imperfect Bosses, by Amber Chalus

Refusing to Stay Small, by Arielle Estoria


Your Imperfection Equips You, by Ashley Beaudin

Being a Creative and Being Human, by Natalie Franke


Overcoming a Fear of Success, by Alex Beadon

Courage in the Face of Comparison + Felling Left Out, by Laylee Emadi


Believing in Yourself, by Reese Evans

Dropping the Masks to Be Who You Are, by Marian Mellen


Confidence, by Sarajane Case

Freedom from Eating Disorders, by Ashlyn Carter


Navigating Infertility, by Mattie Tiegreen

Being a Single Mom + Being Innovative, by Kelsey Baldwin


Being a Mom and a Boss, by Rosemary Watson

Balancing Being a Wife + a Creative, by Danielle Calhoun



Check Out Our Amazing Speakers From Day Two:


Abundance + Giving Yourself Grace, by Kyrsten Sherwood

The Need for Diversity, by Josefina Sanders


The Risk of Saying Yes to Everything, by Abby Grace

Work Life Balance, by Shay Cochrane


Live a Life You Love and Create Success, by Racheal Cook

Taking a Break from Your Business, by Megan Martin


Nourishing Your Body, by Madison Luikens

Being a Creative With a Chronic Illness, by Kait Masters


Discovering Your Personal Style, by Tori Bouldin

Discovering Your Personal Style Part Two, by Tori Bouldin


Mental Health, by Rachel Tenny

Boundaries, by Laura Foote


Relationships, by Megan Hale

Dealing With Public Criticism, by Kat Schmoyer


and a power pep talk.


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