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You're invited to an evening of inspiration, community and straight-up encouragement.

Here at The Imperfect Boss we're all about making imperfect normal and inspiring you to be crazy confident. So, for our first rally, we're starting where it first began - Ottawa! And we're calling creative women to jump in and join us for one incredible night.

We'll get real about what it's like to make your dreams happen. We'll hear a rally-style talk by Ashley Beaudin (leader of The Imperfect Boss). We'll meet connect with new + old friends in a real and genuine way (instead of a 'sure I'll take your biz card, but I am gonna throw it out later probs' kinda way).

No matter what, we'll leave feeling less alone and more aware of our greatness than when we first came in.

We know you and we are for you. 


Look, we see you over there! Whether you've got a creative hobby, you're an entrepreneur or you're simply wanting to make a difference in the world, you're making things happen. You're going after goals. You're doing things that scare you. You're choosing to say yes to yourself. You're making something out of nothing. You're pretty much amazing. 

We also know that sometimes it's hella hard. You scroll social media and it seems like everyone else has it together, but you keep forgetting to put pants on or dry shampoo your hair. You are experiencing amazing moments, but you're also having hard days, self-doubts that make you crazy and things that just don't seem to like you dreamt they would. Hint: that's normal.

we are convinced that you can have the success you dream of, but in a way that is real, confident and a thousand percent you. and it starts by showing up and talking about it.

PS. That's the place where you actually become the most alive and you actually change the most lives. Just saying. 

So, here's what you get. 


Inspirational talk with Ashley Beaudin

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yummy snacks (donuts, anyone?)


create connections with new friends


confidence boost inevitable

Where we'll be hanging out. 


Third Floor York - 1 York St - Ottawa, ON

Meet The Speaker: Ashley Beaudin



Ashley is an inspirational speaker, heart encourager and messaging strategist to creative women. She is the visionary behind #theimperfectboss; a movement that is making imperfect normal and inspiring tens of thousands of creative women to become real and confident in life and business. 

Her speaking is marked by passion and vulnerability. By the end of hearing her talk, you'll likely not only feel less alone, but you're be ready to jump out of your chair and be exactly who you are.

Most days, you'll find her in the midst of heart-to-hearts with women, inspiring crowds with fist-pumping talks, and gathering people online and in real life. you'll likely catch her trying to be absolutely hilarious and giggling way too hard at her own jokes. 



See you there. We've got our high-fives ready.




Wanna hear about future heart rallies? Drop your info below!