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The hustle can take the human out of us. So, we’re bringing her back. 

For three days, we’ll rally creative women to post confessions about what makes them human, so we can prove that imperfection is a normal, collective human experience. And if that is true, our  humanity doesn’t make us flawed, it actually makes us powerful. 

By joining in, you’ll agree to share your human confession on Instagram in your feed or stories using the hashtag #imperfectishuman and tagging @imperfectbosses.

Together, we’ll disrupt the perfection and work-for-your-worth culture. We’ll break the shame off being human and celebrate our humanity as creatives and entrepreneurs instead.  We’ll show up fully as ourselves, confident and without apology and invite thousands of others to do the same.

You in? 



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Here's how it works


Sign up + join the crew.

Sign up below to take part in the three day campaign! Once you do, we'll go crazy dancing to Beyonce or something. 


you will receive your login to the download portal, so you can tell all your people.

You get access to all our downloads and resources including some Instas, gifs and copy you can use to share with yo' sisters.


Post with the hashtag #imperfectishuman and tag a friend.

March 4th to 6th! The time for magic is here! You post on social media with a confession of what makes you human and we get a little more free together. Then, tag someone you want to take part with you!


Encourage and meet new friends.

Once you post, scroll through that hashtag and meet new people! Write on people's confessions and tell them you’re with them or encourage them with some straight-up truth.


get excited for what's next + come to camp

Take everything you're experiencing here + come experience it in person with us for four days of inspiration, community, creativity and fun. We'll be announcing camp registration after the campaign!


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