Confidence for Breakfast

Welcome back, amazing one.



September 7th: Workbook + schedule hit the membership. 

September 14th: Guided Sessions + two new Pep Talks 

September 21st: Class on Knowing Yourself and Accepting Yourself  + Interview with Stephanie Dawn  

September 28th: 2nd Session for Imperfect Confidence Framework




Watch this month's love note from Ashley

Our first month starts September 7th with the topic of knowing yourself. In the meantime, I would love to invite you to get familiar with the two guided practices which are a huge foundation to this membership. Heart Dialogue + The Identity Practice, you can see videos in guided sessions to give you an intro, along with worksheets in the downloads section. 

Our Schedule

September: Knowing Yourself

October: Identity

November: Self-Mothering

December: Releasing Your Past

January: Inner Dialogue

February: Wellness

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