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A summit of heart-to-heart talks to empower you to be the real and confident woman you long to become.

We’re heart-eyes for the greatness we see in you.


...on the internet


There’s two things we need you to know.


Ya ready for em’?


One, imperfect is normal.


We know that running a business and doing what you love has you singing “can’t stop me now!” dancing-on-your-desk some days and on other days, you find your head in your face wondering if you really have what it takes.

We are all experiencing both those moments no matter what it looks like on the outside. So, we’re gonna pull back the curtains, look you in the eyes and remind you that you’re not alone. In fact, you never were.


Two, your gifts + confidence will turn everything upside down.


If we are going to be -

  • Women who thrive and go the distance
  • Women who speak our messages with conviction
  • Women who fight for one another amidst the chaos
  • Women who build businesses that transform the world

We’re going to have to learn how to be real and how to be confident. All at once.


women who own who they are without hesitation

 are the best kind of dangerous.


We don’t need the perfect (insert your name).

We need the real, confident (insert your name).


That’s the woman who is going to lead a life and biz she is excited to wake up to.

That’s the woman who is going to leave the world better than she found it.

Black Girl At Coffee Shop Chs 4_edit.jpg

That’s the woman who is going to connect with her community powerfully.

That’s the woman who is going to last and not live off flashy moments alone.


That’s the woman who is going to start new paths and break boxes wides open.


And we believe that’s what you were made for.


so, is your heart throwing up it's hands yet?


For two days, we’re gathering over twenty amazing bosses, to give heart-to-heart talks about how to be real and confident women in life and business.


They're gonna get vulnerable with their stories while providing you with empowering tips and tools for you to thrive.


imperfect boss, this is your day.

We've thrown our brains and souls together because that's how much we believe in you.

  •  Two days of heart-to-heart talks from leaders in the creative industry about being a real, confident woman.
  •  An exclusive session with Ashley, the leader of the movement, to inspire you in courage and confidence.
  •  Meet other Imperfect Bosses who are passionate about using their gifts to make the world better and aren't afraid to get a little unfiltered for the sake of one another.
  •  Special bonus downloads to get you inspired and start putting this content into inspiration and aciton in your life.
  •  Pep talks galore. For real, have you met us?

It is time to get in the arena with one another.


This day is about getting in the arena with one another and saying, “I know this gets crazy. I know you even feel crazy in it. But, let’s talk about it and let’s help each other be more brave and go further together.”


No topic unturned. No conversation off-limits. We're going all-in.

We are going to show one another that imperfect is normal. We are creating a space for us as a community to pause and find freedom, so that we can all focus on what really matters and move forward with confidence. It will get honest and real, but it will also be spilling over with truth and tools too.


Here’s what
is coming atcha:


Live Access


Recordings Foreva


Digital Workbook


Power Pep Talk with Ashley


Meet Our Host and Speakers



Check out our 2017 speakers!



Overcoming a Fear of Success

A Guided Mediation for Imperfect Bosses

Refusing to Stay Small

Freedom From Eating Disorders

Balancing Being a Wife
+ a Creative

The Need for

Being a Creative With a
Chronic Illness

Dealing With Public Criticism

Being a single mom + being innovative

abundance + giving
yourself grace


courage in the face of comparison + feeling left out

nourishing your body

dropping the masks to be
who you are

navigating infertility


taking a break from
your business

being a creative and
being human

live a life you love and
create success

mental health


being a mom and a boss


work life balance

discovering your
personal style



Join us LIVE with new video topics every hour, on the hour, by our amazing lineup of speakers!


Can't make it live or want to catch a replay? No worries, we've got ya. A full video library of all topics will be accessible on September 16th after our live broadcast is complete.


You in?


Grab your ticket and join us. Pants not required. Let’s drop perfect, show the world who we are and use our gifts to change lives.


Grab your ticket to get started.


We got your back.
And we also have plenty of donuts and fizzy drinks too.