2: Minaa B On What Personal Growth Is Really Like


Listen up, buttercup.



In this episode, we sit down with Minaa B to chat about personal growth. So often, personal growth is seen as this blissful experience, but there is a real side to growth that takes vulnerability, courage and even some grief. So, let's talk about it. 

Listen as we chat about:

the less blissful side of personal growth

tools to take with you on the personal growth journey

instant transformation over sustainable transformation

the healthiest way to approach growth


Wanna know more of Minaa?


Minaa B. is an author, writer, creative expressive coach and licensed social worker. In 2016, Minaa debuted her first book Rivers Are Coming, a compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma. Through art and creative writing, Minaa learned how to overcome her battle with clinical depression and she applies her creative insight to the work she does with her clients.


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