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A one-month challenge and community experience to empower you to become connected your heart, strong in your message, and confident in who you are.



yes! The whole month.


You're a woman on a mission.

You are a passionate, soft-hearted, imperfect, in-this-for-impact kinda woman. You are convinced somewhere inside of you that you've been given something; a message, a story, a gift, a talent, a passion for a purpose, and that it is your job to give that to the world. For that very reason, you're obsessed with personal growth, inner transformation and having those real, soul-to-soul convos. In fact, I bet you have a self-help book, a journal, candles or oils, and an inspirational print somewhere in your room right now.

But sometimes you are just not where you wanna be.

I know that there are moments where the pressure to be perfect and the expectations of what other people think feels like this heaviness against your chest. That confidence doesn't always feel easy, that sometimes your self-doubts are louder than any of your strengths and that there have been moments where fear has led you for a long longer than your greatness ever has.

Sweet friend, I know that you feel a little bit lonely and a little bit hesitant. And I know that you've had days where you lost yourself in the noise and came up searching. And I know you've said to yourself, "can I really do this?"

And to you, I say, 'you can and you must.'

you're invited to..


And that's exactly why I want to invite you into The Huddle. Because for thirty days, we are diving head-first into the inner work it takes to give you a foundation you can actually stand on in your life and in your business. 

Confidence will be made easy. Breakthrough will become a daily part of your life. You'll wake up alive to who you are again. Failure will stop having it's say over you. Comparison won't rush you into impulsive decisions. Fear won't lead your creativity.

You'll start to grow. You'll start to do what you really love. You'll start to enter every room with no apology in you. You'll start to transform your inner dialogue. You'll zone in on that impact that is yours alone.

Sounds magical right? Maybe even like a miracle. It's possible. 

Like the huddle before the big game, this is that moment where we receive the inspiration and the rhythms we need to go out there and win, while feeling so connected in community. 

So, let's break it down.


Here's What We're Going After.




let's talk about and take action on: 

  • practicing talking to and listening to your heart
  • determining what you believe about yourself

  • staying connected to the emotion of your why 




let's talk about and take action on: 

  • sitting with the parts of you that feel flawed

  • transforming your imperfections into your message 

  • exploring what your weakness actually gives you




    let's talk about and take action on: 

    • using affirmations to stir your confidence

    • exploring your unique impact

    • practicing self care as a tool of confidence




    let's talk about and take action on: 

    • having fun to say goodbye to pressure *wave*

    • using new forms of play to get out of your head

    • connecting with humans in a way that gives you JOY


    how it is going to work


    four live classes with ashley

    Every week, we'll do a live class exploring the theme of that week; heart, imperfection, confidence and creativity to inspire and give practical take-aways. 




    You'll receive overall challenges to create a container for transformation as well as daily action challenges that take ten minutes or less and get you implementing quickly. 



    You'll receive 1-2 new worksheets a week to help you dig deeper into the rhythms we're going to be creating such as The Heart Dialogue and The Belief Map.


    Community party

    We'll jump into a pop-up Facebook group and even a Twitter party to get to know one another and kick off with a bang. 


    Get a Partner

    Grab a partner to go through the challenge with you. Start off the thirty day journey with a soul talk. I mean, what could be better, right? 


    Sounds amazing, right? 


    Oh and by the way, I'll be doing the challenge right alongside you. My life will be changed right along yours.

    I'm Ashley and I'll be leading you over these thirty days.



    Here's the thing. I believe in you so much already. 

    I am an inspirational speaker, heart encourager and the visionary behind #theimperfectboss; this incredible movement where we get to inspire tens of thousands of creative women to become real and confident in life and business.

    When I am not out there motivating and gathering women, you'll likely find me going hearts eyes over bright colors or looking for a fun donut shop.

    My laugh is known to be a little contagious too. So, watch yourself. ;) 



    Through the month, we will be gathering for weekly classes, community parties and daily action prompts and resources to get you life-changing results.


    So, you ready to huddle?


    Imagine what it would feel like to be so connected to your heart that you would know what you need, what you desire and what you believe about yourself no matter what is going on around you.

    Imagine what it would feel like to see your imperfections not as the thing that counts you out, but as the thing that gives you your message. 

    Imagine what it would feel like to show up everywhere so confident and aware of your impact that you cannot help but bring everything you have in your signature way lighting up lives in the process.

    Imagine what it would feel like to make creativity and self-care such a daily part of your life that you feel zero pressure and instead have become enamoured with letting go of everything that no longer helps you.



    Grab your ticket to become a part of The Huddle.


    This is a beta version of this offering. It is being offered at a lower price as we experiment with the transformation together. let's dance.