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 No matter how imperfect the holidays are for you, you can thrive this season.

Despite what we see on social media and Hallmark movies, this season can be hard for some of us. It can be stressful as we drown in to-do lists, credit card debt and parties we wish we could say no to. It can also be painful as we navigate the grief of those we lost, family relationships that make us ache or memories from the past. It can even be marked by the comparison and jealousy of what we long for, but simply don’t have.

But this doesn’t have to be where we stay.

Because we can grow in the presence of an imperfect season.

We can decide what we want this season to be about for us. We can fill it with what matters most. We can set boundaries that set us free. We can find moments to savour. We can choose to be powerful people. We can create a plan that sets us up to succeed in every single way.

Among the Christmas cookies and twinkle lights, we can decide that this year,

we are trading stress and overwhelm for nourishment and confidence instead.

You ready for this?


An audio and workbook designed to give you the tools to create a plan for you to thrive this holiday season.


We’ll cover things like:

planning out your thriving tools

utilizing self-care + savouring the season

dreaming for 2019 with imperfection

creating a vision for your holidays

setting and communicating boundaries

creating healthy expectations

You get access to a 45-min audio from Ashley Beaudin, visionary of The Imperfect Boss, and a 20-page workbook to be used in tandem to help you set your plan for thriving this holiday season.

Who It’s For 

This was made for the woman who has a difficult time at the holidays

either in little ways or life-altering ways because:

  • you are just so busy and overwhelmed

  • you are navigating family relationships

  • you are feeling financial pressure

  • you are overcome with pain from the past

  • your mental health takes a hit

Are you ready to thrive this season? Are you ready to savour, to grow and to be inspired?

Are you ready to walk confidently into the holidays?

Let’s do this.