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Dream-hustling and self-caring don’t always go together, but we believe when women love themselves on the daily, they change the world.

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You are one of those crazy amazing ones. You’re daring enough to believe in yourself even if it’s just a little bit. You’re taking dream lists and turning them into to-do lists. You’re killing it some days and failing it on other days. You’re pursuing growth. Because somewhere inside of you, you know that you have something extraordinary to give to this world.

We know that in the midst of that, sometimes self-care doesn’t happen. Sometimes in the speed of making it happen, you forget to go slow. Sometimes in the desire to be better, you talk to yourself unkindly. Sometimes in the hope for success, you throw your boundaries out the window.

If you’ve ever answered emails at midnight, forgot to brush your hair for three days, or told yourself to, “get it together,” you’re not alone and together, we got this.



We are calling for a returning of daily self-care for creative women everywhere.

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Because when you show up to love yourself well, you get to be your most loved, intentional and creative self. you get to pour out your magic without ever needing to compromise the power of who you are.

So for one evening, you’re invited to join us for inspiration and community.

We’ll sit down in small groups facilitated by our incredible mentors and chat about what our daily self-care looks like, what we want to celebrate and where we want to grow. We'll hear a rally-style talk by Ashley Beaudin (leader of The Imperfect Boss). We'll meet connect with new + old friends in a real and genuine way (instead of a 'sure I'll take your biz card, but I am gonna throw it out later probs' kinda way).

We’ll be inspired to go home and take care of ourselves every single day.

Meet Your Mentors  

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These powerhouse women will be mentoring you in small groups helping you grow in daily self-care. Click on the images to see their Instagrams! You can request your faves!


Meet The Speaker:

Ashley Beaudin

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Ashley Beaudin is a speaker, community gatherer and heart encourager who inspires millennial women into emotional wholeness, total confidence and bold leadership.

She is the visionary behind The Imperfect Boss; an international movement that shifts imperfections into superpowers and equips women to grow their confidence.

Ashley’s campaigns of empowerment and vulnerability have reached millions of people over three years and she has been featured in publications such as Brit + Co, Mind Body Green and Futurpreneur.

The easiest way to her heart is through soul talk, hugs and donuts. 




So, here's what you get. 

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Inspirational talk with Ashley Beaudin

yummy snacks (donuts, anyone?)

intimate groups with amazing mentors

free gifts because we like you

See you there, incredible one.