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Let's show the world that imperfect is normal and shake up those pretty little Instagram squares.

From June 26th to 28th, we’re calling for a social media rally where we will gather online to reveal the truth about being a woman today; the good, the messy and the totally unfiltered. We’ll write on post-its and loose journal pages confessions about what makes us imperfect and human. Then, we'll take a photo and post it on Instagram under the hashtag #theimperfectwoman.

Together, we'll disrupt social media perfection and remind one another that we are all necessary as we are right now.


Listen to Ashley share her vision behind the campaign. Her enthusiasm is a tad contagious. 


Here's how it works


Sign up + join the crew

Sign up below to take part in the three day campaign! Once you do, we'll go crazy dancing to Beyonce or something. 


Receive your login to the download portal and tell your people

You get access to all our downloads and resources including a phone background, a print and some Instas and copy you can use to share with yo' sisters.


Post with the hashtag #theimperfectwoman 

June 26th to 28th! The time for magic is here! You post on social media with a confession of what makes you imperfect and human and set yourself and other women free in the process too.


Encourage and meet new friends

Once you post, scroll through that hashtag and meet new people! Write on people's confessions and tell them they're not alone or encourage them with some truth. 


get excited for what's next + come to camp

Take everything you're experiencing here + come experience it in person with us for four days of inspiration, community, creativity and fun. We'll be announcing a couple fun bonuses about this too! 


Meet the people.


And our amazing sponsor who is also our presenting camp sponsor: 


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