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We are calling for a rebellion. Women, it is time to assemble and declare the truth of who we are.


Because that's where the lies disappear.


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On January 17th, we are going to flood Instagram in a collective moment where we confess the invisible words we have been holding onto, drop them and declare our new word for the world to see. 


Listen, as women, we are told so many things that aren't actually true of us. We are told that we are bossy, unworthy, a slut, manipulative, a trophy wife and never, ever enough. We are told to shut up, calm down, look pretty and be quiet. Out of the mouth of ourselves, the ones we love, the media, and history, we are carrying these words around on our skin, our hearts and our lives. 

We carry them either because something in us agrees those words are true, or we live in fear that those words could be said of us and could be true.  


But what happens when you carry that word around with you? You give it power. 


So, together, we're gonna cut off the words, we're going to let them go and we're going to declare the truth together and over one another. By taking a marker, henna, lipstick (whatever it takes!) and writing out on our skin that invisible word we've been carrying, crossing it out and then writing the truth. 


Now here's why it works: 

1. It is hard to confront something you can't see. When you see it, you can face it. 

2. By physically crossing the word out, there is a finality in that it is 'gone for good.'

3. You get to choose the truth and own it for yourself.

4. By posting it, we as a community get to cheer you on through it.


I believe that as we own our limitations, let them go, and own the truth instead, that we heal and we get to heal all those around us.

We get to create a stunning display of women standing up to claim who they are. 


And women who know how to let go of the lies, stand up for who they are and show up with vulnerability and confidence are the women who get to give their gifts to the world without any hesitation.

That's exactly what you were born for. 

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So are you in?


Sign up to post with us on January 17th.

We'll rattle up the Instagram feeds + it'll be amazing.

P.S. You are powerful beyond measure. This is just the beginning.


See you on the 17th!

Freedom, community and inspiration is inevitable.