The Workshops


Workshops 1 - Wednesday October 10th at 10:15am

Friendship Bracelets + Freedom with Melissa MacIsaac
It’s just not camp without some amazing friendship bracelets. Ya feelin’ us? So, join Melissa for some friendship bracelet making and some chats about freedom. Not sure how to make them? No worries. Melissa’s got your back. Make one or two or ten and line your arms in them or give them away to the bffs - new and old.

8-Minute Face: A Makeup Circle with Jacquie Mathers

Everyone can rock a bold lip including you. Join makeup artist Jacquie for this fun makeup circle where she’ll teach you how to do an eight-minute face makeup routine and talk to you all about embracing your imperfections and rocking your confidence. Bring any makeup you brought to camp and let’s have some girl-time.

Journaling to Unlock Your Potential with Caroline Zook

When’s the last time you put pen to paper and explored your heart? We, as a movement, believe that journaling isn’t some fluffy Instagrammable hobby, but it is a life-changing practice for achieving success and unlocking your potential. In this workshop, Caroline is going to give you practices and prompts to kickstart or refresh your journaling practice. This is a workshop you’ll be able to take home and implement for months to come.

Workshops 2 - Wednesday October 10th at 1:00pm

Boundaries + Self Care in Our Social Media Age with Sarajane Case

In our social media obsessed culture, we are all very familiar with looking at our phones first thing in the morning, comparing our lives against others and struggling with not feeling enough. Well, we’ve got good news for you! Sarajane is going to give you tools to create life-giving boundaries and self-care rhythms to help you flourish, unplug and stay totally confident. You’re ready for this.

Paint Your Heart Out with Taylor Lee

There’s something powerful that happens when we express our emotions through creativity. In this workshop, Taylor will show you the basics of abstract painting and how you can take what you feel and turn it into something beautiful. You’ll walk away with a small painting to take home or give you that friend you just made. ;)

Creating Your Lifestyle Vision: A Conversation Circle with Kayla Hollatz

Conversation circles are an opportunity for you to lay back, chat and learn from all the amazing people at camp with you. Low pressure, full of insight and lots of laughter. In this conversation circle, Kayla will lead a discussion on what kind of lifestyle you want to live. After all, your business serves your lifestyle and not the other way around. So, let’s get curious and dream about the lives we are hungry to live.

Workshops 3 - Wednesday October 10th at 6:00 pm

The Power of Believing in Yourself by Ashley Beaudin

If there is one thing that you need to succeed, it would be the gift of believing in yourself. And that gift isn’t instant, it is cultivated over the long-haul. For one hour, Ashley is going to dive in with you and give you a-ha moments and practices you can use to have compassion on yourself, get on your own team and believe in the power of who you are with enthusiasm. After this, you might just start fires.

Happy Lettering with Christine Herrin
Lettering is an amazing practice we can use to bring us into the present, share inspiration with others and get back to writing by hand amidst being constantly plugged in. Christine will jumpstart your lettering practice by teaching you the basics and helping you start small with what you have right now - Crayola markers! Get ready to create something that is totally you.

Let’s Chat: A Conversation Circle with Justine Hwang

Conversation circles are an opportunity for you to settle in, chat and learn from all the amazing people at camp with you. Low pressure, full of insight and lots of laughter. In this conversation circle, Justine will facilitate a time to chat and take intentional space to process what you’re learning and feeling in the camp experience and thoughts on the camp themes - vulnerability, creativity, identity and confidence - so you can make the most out of camp.

Workshops 4 - thursday October 11th at 10:15 am

Building a Business That Grows with Nevica Vazquez
You are pouring your heart and hard work into your business or big idea that you’re so passionate about. You know you’ve got so much potential, but you feel like struggling with clarity and strategy. Get together with Nevica in this workshop as she teaches you her process to make sure you’re building a business with a solid foundation that inevitably grows for the long haul.

Create Your Sales Process with Lana Dingwall

Selling can seem scary and even nauseating, but the more you sell, the more you serve and impact. You’re off to build your dream business after all and that starts with selling well. Lana is going to get in your corner in this workshop to help you craft your unique sales process. You’ll have your mindsets shifted and the know-how to be confident to sell anywhere whether it’s on social media or in the grocery line.

Creative Brainstorming: A Conversation Circle with Amber Robinson

Conversation circles are an opportunity for you to lay back, chat and learn from all the amazing people at camp with you. Low pressure, full of insight and lots of laughter. In this conversation circle, Amber will facilitate a space for you to brainstorm your next big idea. Been feelin’ stuck? Not sure what to do next? Need a sounding board? This circle is for you.

Get Your Dance On with Laylee Emadi

Ready to move that body of yours in a way that is fun and free? Join Laylee and learn a sassy, beginner-level dance combination to an empowering song. By the end, you’ll feel all kinds of fierce and maybe you can show your new moves at the talent show or dance party, too!

Workshops 5 - thursday October 11th at 1:00 pm

Plan Your Month & Get Things Done with Kathryn Hofer

Do you start the year with big goals, a list of projects and relationships you want to grow? Then realize you’re 3/4 of the way into the year and you’ve forgotten what you wanted to do, and haven’t made any progress? It’s not too late! Together we’ll learn how to intentionally plan the month so you can get the important things done. Let’s make November count!

Make Pinterest Your Raving Fan with Lindsey Eryn

Sponsored by Tailwind

Some people call Pinterest social media, others call it a search engine, but we call it your next online BFF. Pinterest has the power to bring your content to the masses in a meaningful and intentional way with only a little bit of work! In this workshop, Lindsey will teach you a Pinterest process you can use and give her top game-level marketing tips for how to get it to rave for you while ya sleep.

Website Strategy to Increase Your Sales with Emilia Farrace Amaro

Sponsored by Simply Elaborate

Some people focus a bit too much on what their website looks like to them, but what about how it’s functioning/looking for your user? Your website is the user-manual of what you’re selling, how you’re selling it and how your reader can get it for themselves. If you’re not hitting the key elements of your business strategy on your website upon landing – you could be missing out on potential sales that you don’t even know about. In this workshop, Emilia will go through the five key strategic must-haves your website should have to in order to speak to your target audience, get clear on your messaging and increase your inquiries.