How to Stop Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastination tib

We never mean to procrastinate, but somehow procrastination always gets the better of us. It’s the same for us. We’re human, after all. Whether it’s putting off that paper or your New Year’s resolution, procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes. What’s worse is we don’t even realize it’s taken over our lives. If you’re … Read more

TED Talk: Procrastination, Increasing Motivation, Boosting Productivity

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If you’re a procrastinator, you probably find it difficult to get things done—whether at work or in life. Does this sound familiar: Even though you know procrastination hinders you from reaching your goals, you just can’t seem to break the habit. Maybe you’ve even compared yourself to non-procrastinators, who appear to have so much self-control … Read more

A Guide To Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination and Anxiety

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Anxiety and procrastination are often linked to one another: Anxiety is what sometimes unknowingly causes you to procrastinate, and the act of procrastinating is what leads you to experience even more anxiety. It's a pattern that can be difficult to get out of. Unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep, and inconsistent exercise routines are common things ... Read more

Chronic Procrastination: Build These 9 Habits To Overcome It

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Do you ever find yourself delaying important tasks simply by prioritizing other, less meaningful tasks? We can relate x infinity. In some cases, the root of procrastination is poor time management. If you nurture this habit consistently, it can subsequently lead to a life of missed opportunities, late submissions, increased workload, and overall resentment. Or ... Read more

How to Avoid Procrastination

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Procrastination. We've all been there. Assignments piling up, deadlines coming in fast, but somehow we still can't seem to get any work started. Unless you're an A+ pressure player, whatever work that does get submitted is usually subpar at best and may not even be worth that all-nighter and 10 cups of coffee keeping you ... Read more

The Definition of Procrastination and How to Break the Habit

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Whether you're a student putting off a final paper or a professional delaying urgent deliverables, you've probably experienced a lack of motivation in completing your daily tasks. Despite popular opinions, procrastination isn't laziness. Curious? Here, we'll tell you what procrastination really means (according to its English dictionary definition and in the real world) and how ... Read more

A summit of heart-to-heart talks to empower you to be the real and confident woman you long to become

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We’re heart-eyes for the greatness we see in you. TIB_Dates_sfw.png …on the internet There’s two things we need you to know. TheImperfectBoss_SingleWave_Cobalt.png Ya ready for em’? TIB_Steps_01.png One, imperfect is normal. We know that running a business and doing what you love has you singing “can’t stop me now!” dancing-on-your-desk some days and on other ... Read more